Links & Photo References

My goal for this site is to present as comprehensive a listing as possible of Matchbox miniature models and variations. Photos of the models are, of course, a key part of such a listing.

Whenever possible I have used photos from my own collection. My collection is nowhere near as extensive as many collectors' however, and there are many rare or unusual variations that I don't yet have and, truly, may never see. As a result, and as is the common case with many of the extensive Matchbox web sites, I've relied on other sources for pictures of many of the models.

In all cases I attribute the photo to its source, whether my own collection (listed as MBX-u) or others. Under each photo is a reference field showing the source of the photo. A list of popular sites (with clickable urls when appropriate) and the most frequently used sources is shown below. There are some images that are of uncertain origin, which I list as "OTHER". And since the same photo is often used across multiple Matchbox sites, it's sometimes hard to tell where it's from originally. I've done my best to determine that, but certainly have some of them wrong. So, if you see any photos that you know are not referenced correctly, please drop me a note with the correct information and I will fix them.

I am still in the process of photographing my collection, and will replace photos from other sources with my own as that proceeds. I will do the same as I acquire new models.

This is a totally non-commercial site so the images are used for informational purposes only.

In the same spirit, my photos (those marked as source "MBX-u") can be copied and saved, and I have no issue with them being used by other Matchbox collectors. I would ask only that you reference this site as the source.

Regarding my approach to my photos- my goal was to show the details of the model as clearly as possible. You'll find there are 2 views at the version level (from front/ left and back/right), and 2 views for each variation (side/top and base). I've tried to show the distinguishing characteristics among versions and variations (e.g. different info on the base of the model).

Reference NameReference TypeDetailsComments
164CarsWeb Site
2004 Mack SuperfastPublicationThe Big Book of Superfast Matchbox ToysMost up to date listings of all Superfast models from 1969-2004. In two volumes
2012 Mack Lesney Regular WheelPublicationLesney's Matchbox Toys: Regular Wheel YearsUpdated book with regular wheel list and prices.
70er MatchboxWeb Site dedicated to new models that came out in the 70's
Alans ToysWeb Site Wank's online store for Matchbox and other diecast models.
Alex BernardesCollectionmundomatchbox.blogspot.comCollection of Alex Bernardes
Alvin RodriguezCollectionCollection of Alvin Rodriguez
Andreas Mohr CollectionCollectionPhotos found on various web sites
Andreas Rehme's MB Picture DictionaryWeb Site photos of Superfast models with many variations. This site groups models that are basically the same (i.e. 1c and 1d Challengers).
Arief SatyawePostinghttp://kulitjerukbali.blogspot.deblog posting
Augsburger Spielzeug KisteWeb Sitehttps://augsburger-spielzeugkiste.comOn-line toy shop, many brands
Autoos InternationalWeb Site store for Matchbox models and related items. Lots of hard-to-find items.
Bay Area MB Collectors Assoc.Web Site site for the Bay Area Matchbox Club, including many of the Matchbox lines. This site does a great job at laying out the releases or 'lineup appearances' as well as info on the models themselves. Site is run by Dean Dierschow
Ben of Ben Wright
Bob SteinbergeBay Sellerebay BOBBO13items being sold on ebay from his collection
BulgarianCollection.comWeb Site
Carcraze on ebayeBay Sellerebay seller: CARCRAZE7
Carr's CollectibleseBay SellereBay seller carrcollectablesukSite for Paul Carr
Cars and BoxesWeb Site
Cars And TrainsWeb Sitecarsandtrains.comCovers real and diecast vehicles
Christian Falkensteins MB SiteWeb Sitehttp://www.cfalkensteiner.comNEW WEBSITE URL! The source for much of the info on Matchbox models. Comprehensive listings of boxes, wheel types, and post-1970 models. Good selection of photos of overseas models (i.e. variations released in China, Blocker variation). Run by Christian Falkensteiner. His naming scheme for packages and wheels is a standard and used here.
Cobra Toys, AustraliaWeb Site Toys is an on-line toy seller. They also maintain photo databases of diecast variations, including Matchbox.
Coll. of Eddie WinklerCollection
Craig McNulty/Alvin RodriguezCollectionPhoto(s) by Craig McNulty/Alvin Rodriguez
Dan's Matchbox Pictures PagesWeb Sitehttp://www.matchbox-dan.comAmong the best photos of Matchbox cars on the web
Diecast InvestorWeb Site for many brands of diecast vehicles
diecasttpyexchangeeBay SellereBay seller: diecasttoyexchangeRon SLyder & Wayne Laughman on ebay
Fettler's ebay storeeBay Seller ebay seller dr_bennett_1999; nice flat photos of pkgs on wood background
Frank's Matchbox Lesney PageWeb Site Carnahan's Matchbox site. Includes many links and references.
Gary's Cars SiteWeb Site UK, Bulgarian releases. Good listings and photos of ROW releases/packages.
Hans DoeringCollectionCollection of Hans Doering
Hans Doering CollectionCollection
Harveys MatchboxWeb Sitehttp://www.harveys-matchbox.deHardy Ristau's Matchbox site (German). Also has ebay store under HArveys-Matchbox-USA
Illinois Matchbox Collectors ClubWeb Sitehttp://www.imccclub.comNewsletter and web site
jakesnowdogOTHERjakesnowdog@comcast.netPictures sent from Jake's collection
John & Bunne BaumWeb Site selection of various Matchbox trucks
Jon Hayward ebay storeeBay Seller ebay seller jon_hayward
Ken KcomtCollectionkenkcomt@gmail.comCollection of Ken Kcomt
Larry Scaduto ambassador reportssPostingArticles in monthly reports as Matchbox Ambassador
LesneyLegacyeBay Sellerebay seller: Lesneylegacy
Little Wheels MuseumWeb Site
Marcel Bakker- Models in Perspex CasesWeb Site of special models in display cases, made by Marcel Bakker
MaseytoyseBay Sellerebay seller: maseytoys
Matchbox & Lesney Toy MuseumCollection62 Saw Mill Rd, Durham CONN, 06422Photos from Charlie Mack's collection/museum
Matchbox 1-75Web Site of main line miniature models. Also guides to packages and wheels and historical info.
Matchbox CatalogsPublicationVarious catalogs and publications from LEsney through Tyco years
Matchbox ClassicsWeb Site on-line store
Matchbox Collector's CommunityWeb Site the main site is down due to hacking. You can still look at archived information though, at the listed url.
Matchbox Convoy ProjectWeb Site listing and photos of Convoys
Matchbox Feature CarsWeb Site language site with listinngs and photos of Feature Cars
Matchbox ForumWeb Site site for Matchbox toys. The Matchbox Forum is also an international Matchbox club with official models for members. Run by John Yanouzas & John Nijhuis.
Matchbox International CollectWeb Site collectors club site with database, store and auctions. Produce a color annual publication as well. Membership required for some features.
Matchbox MemoriesWeb Site
Matchbox Picture Database, UKWeb Site photo listing of Superfast models with MAN #s.
Matchbox UniversityCollectionPhotos taken by Matchbox University
Matchbox University CollectionCollectionPhotos from Duane Falk's collection taken for Matchbox University
Matchbox WikipediaWeb Site wiki-like site with info on miniatures models.
MatchboxmaniaWeb Sitehttp://www.matchboxmania.deForum for discussions on Matchbox; based out of Germany; membership required to post
MB USA NewsletterPublicationnoneMonthly newsletter put out by Charlie Mack for Matchbox USA Club.
MCCD clubCollectionhttp://www.matchboxclub.deSite for Matchbox Collectors Club Deutschland. Includes links to monthly club flyers as well as photos of code 2/3 models produced by the club.
Michael's Boxes PageWeb Site listing of Matchbox boxes and of Hitch 'N Haul releases.
Midwest Diecast MiniaturesWeb Sitehttp://www.mdcmonline.comOnline store run by Tom Sarlitto
Milan Kabrt: List of ModelsWeb Site listing and photos of convoys
ModellAuto HungaryWeb Sitehttp://www.modellauto.huIndex to many model sites, including a page on Ikarus coaches
Moko Lesney MatchboxWeb Sitehttp://www.mokolesneymatchbox.comArticles about selected Matchbox topics, detailed listing on several models. Good source for info on 17-B models, code 1/2 and 3. Info about how to detect frauds and fakes.
Mom, Me & MatchboxCollectionModels from Steve & Eva Gal
MoyShop MatchboxWeb Site store for Matchbox models. Features many Model of Yesteryear releases. MCCD club and other special models also available here.
Nick and Debbies Lesney SiteWeb Site comprehensive treatment of regular wheels models, including variations, histories, boxes and pricing guides.
Nigel Cooper's CollectionCollectionModels from Nigel Cooper's collection.
Official Mattel photos & informationWeb Site
Online Toys AustraliaeBay Seller
Osubuck on ebayeBay SellereBay seller: the-osu-buckeyes
Other SourceOthernoneother sources, ie unspecified ebay, net photos
Planet DiecastWeb Sitewww.planetdiecast.comWebsite with forums on diecast vehicles.
Public Safety DiecastWeb Sitehttp://www.publicsafetydiecast.comAmazing collection of model photos related to public safety- police, fire, rescue. Very comprehensive, including code 2/3 models.
Rails of SheffieldWeb Site
Richard Boyle's CollectionWeb SiteCreates a number of code 2/3 models each year.
Rodger & Georgina's Web SiteWeb Site collection of Matchbox vehicles.
Shabbir Malik's Matchbox SiteWeb Site source for photos and info pre 2005. Best listing of Code 2 models- ASAP, CCI, CQ.
Slowdive on ebayeBay SellereBay seller: SLOWDIVE90; online store: Village Diecast
Small Car ListWeb
Small Diecast CorvettesWeb Site
Swifty's GarageWeb Sitehttp://swiftysgarage.netForum covering many diecast topics
The Lamley GroupWeb Sitehttp://lamleydlm.blogspot.comBlog run by John Lambert/David Tilley. Excellent coverage and photos of latest models and diets news.
Thomas BungeWeb Sitehttp://www.thomas-bunge.comPhotos from his collection
Tomasz MajerUser
Tortoys Vintage ToysWeb Site
Toy Car CollectorWeb Sitehttp://www.toycarcollector.comSells regular wheels and Lesney SF, as well as accessories
Toy Van siteWeb Site listings amd photos of van diecast
ToyMart.comWeb Site
Trentula on ebayeBay Sellerebay Seller: TRENTULA32ebay store: Wild World of Deals
Unbespielt ShopeBay Seller Schutte ebay shop
Vectis toy auction siteWeb Site of Matchbox and other toys
Village DiecasteBay Seller Diecast ebay seller
Virtual Diecast MuseumWeb Site nice photos of diets. Some Matchbox models are included along with many other diets brands.
Virtual Diecast Vehicle MuseumWeb Site many types of die cast; nice photos from right side of vehicles; mostly cars
Waldemar PuparUser
Zoltan of Zoltan Bukovszky
Łukasz ŻywkoUser